Nothing Personal, Just Business


Document Management designed with business in mind



From the ground up OfficeScope helps make sense of all the documents your business needs to run efficiently and effectively.

Finally Paperless


Admit it. Paper still exists and OfficeScope is here to help



Sell the cabinets, shred the paper and burn the manila folders. It’s time to start accessing your paper documents where you access everything else….on the computer.

Contact Connect


Search the contact, See the documents



OfficeScope’s Contact Connect links documents to clients, vendors and contacts for intuitive document retrieval. Stop wasting time browsing through an endless sea of folders and network drives.

Go Mobile


…because everything else is already on your phone.



OfficeScope gives you the ability to access your documents anywhere, anytime on the device that you choose.


Put your paper where your mouse is. Scan all of your paper documents and access them in the Cloud.

What's Happening?

Feel secure always know what’s going on with your documents.

Who Owns It?

You do! At any time you can gain full access to extract your documents.